Canadian Customers

Canadian Buyers Information

Nelson's RVs makes buying an RV a Hassle-Free Experience for Canadian Customers!

For the 30 years Nelson's RVs has been in business, we have sold several RVs into Canada. Our Title Clerk has 27 years of RV experience and stays up to date with all required documents in order to get an RV across the Border in a hassle free manner. We provide you with all the necessary paper work and documents.

Nelson's RVs Canadian Customers

Here is a list of the documents and paper work needed and that Nelson's RVs will provide you.


Shows the vehicle identification number and the agreed-to purchase price. This needs to be a signed original as the Canada border agent will calculate the goods and services tax from the paid amount on the purchase order. The recall clearance letter allows you to pass Federal Inspection. Recall clearance indicates the absence of any safety defect on your vehicle that would be identified by the manufacturer as posing a potential safety risk to the vehicle's operator, occupants and public at large unless corrected.


Printed on the manufacturer's letter head and must show the VIN number of the vehicle being purchased.


The title or MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin or factory title before it is turned into a customers ownership title) needs to be assigned to the purchaser by the dealership. You will need this document as it is the only document that transfers ownership to the customer.

With these three documents you can take your new purchase home. At the border, stop on the U.S. side first to be sure the U.S. border agent doesn't need anything. Next, stop at the Canada border agent office. They will want to see the paperwork given to you at the time of purchase by Nelson's RVs. They then will inspect the trailer verifying that the serial number matches, have you fill out an import form, and will collect the goods and services tax and the Canada RIV fee. (A credit card can be used for the tax and fees.)

Because we are transferring title to the customer and as a dealership doing business in the United States, we have no recourse to recover a vehicle once it has passed over the border. We require that the vehicle is paid in full before it leaves our dealership. We request that a wire transfer of funds be completed in the amount of the agreed to purchase price. This must be in U.S. funds only.

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